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A+ Performance Mentoring

Copyright owned program created in January 2006 by Rev. Dr. Charles C. Heyward, Sr. 

A signature program created to assist students especially those at-risk with behavioral and academic challenges, learn the proper kinds of behaviors to improve day to day conduct in life. Through invaluable service, the program has mentored approximately 190 young men. ​


Five-Step method for “behavioral modification”

  1. Acknowledging the error of their behavior.

  2. Accepting the discipline associated with the error.

  3. Apologizing to those who have been offended.

  4. Identifying Alternative behavior that would have been appropriate.

  5. Developing an Action Plan for correcting the error in behavior.

High School Student
Grand Opening Board

Young Business Associates (YBA)

A signature program initiated in August 2005 by Rev. Dr. Charles C. Heyward, Sr. YBA was created to expose and educate 6th, 7th and 8th grade students in the areas of:

  •  Business

  • Corporate leadership

  • Entrepreneurship

  • Personal and family financial matters


Through successful implementation the program has served 445 students. In addition, through program expansion in 2021, we've added adult participants with a vision to become an entrepreneur and current business owners seeking to grow their business.   

The Lifelong Learning Series

A series of information sharing sessions created as part of our community education initiative to bring awareness to our citizens. Sessions may include:

  • Community-based forums

  • Voter participation events 

  • The performing arts


With the community's participation, we've hosted a community forum for candidates for office including those running  for city and county councils, school boards, James Island Public Service District and  Probate Judge.

food giveaway v2.jpg

Food Distribution

Through our efforts to provide resourceful assistance during crucial stages of the COVID-19 pandemic, we collaborated  with the Humanities Foundation and the St. James Service Ministry, to distribute food to the community members.


As a result of the participation, interest and impact; the Foundation continues to host monthly food giveaways.

Coming Soon...

Through grant funds from the Rural Greenbelt Fund, the foundation purchased 7.15 acres of land for the purpose of constructing The Gullah Cultural Center  a future vision of the foundation.  

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